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July 17, 2024

Welcome to Claiborne Lavoie & Associates

Our office has been meeting the accounting, tax and financial needs of the mountain area residents for over 40 years having opened here in 1979. At Claiborne Lavoie & Associates, Tax and Accounting Professionals we pride ourselves on serving our clients with competence, accuracy, promptness and professionalism. Our goals are to earn your confidence, to serve you to the best of our ability and to keep you as a satisfied client.


Changes to the 'Client Area' link below

As of January 1st, 2024, our portal has been changed from MyFirmFiles to Encyro. We are hoping this change will make things easier and more convenient for all users. Whether you are new to secure file sharing or a prior account user, sending us files has never been easier. You can do this all without even creating an account. To do so, click ‘Client Area’ below and a popup should appear asking for some information. First, enter your email address and full name. If you would like to send us a file or document, click ‘Browse’ and upload as many as you wish. Lastly, the message box can be used instead of uploading a document/file or in addition to. Shortly after clicking send, our office will be able to view and retrieve your submitted items.

If you would like to set up an account, go ahead and mention this in the Message box or give our office a call. Once we’ve been notified, we will then email you through Encyro which will give you the option to create a password. This will complete the setup and allow you to view all correspondence with us via Encyro using your email and password to access.

Prior Account Users: Sadly, we were not given enough time to transfer your prior portal documents to a new account on Encyro. Let us know if there are any documents you need and we will get them uploaded and available to you as soon as possible.

Note: We have been notified that some users have had difficulty opening the popup screen through Chrome after clicking ‘Client Area’. Those who have had this issue mentioned using a separate web browser successfully.


Current Portal Users: Client Area no longer offers a link to login once an account has been setup. You will now login through